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Quick Vital Certificate is the quickest and the most reliable service to apply for a birth certificate, death certificate, or marriage certificate.

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Birth Certificate

Quick Vital Certificates is the top assistance provider for requesting government-issued birth certificates.

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Marriage Certificate

With our team of professionals, It is easy to get your marriage certificate copies that you need fast.

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Death Certificate

We are the number one choice and our secure assistance helps you receive these requested death certificates fast.

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Divorce Decree

Quick Vital Certificates can help you request certified copies of your divorce certificate fast and secure.

Quick Vital Certificates

Individuals lose these important documents everyday. The difficult process to replace them can be confusing and time consuming. There are so many different processes to follow between the Federal, State and County agencies.

Don’t risk having your request denied or delayed due to an error on a form or incomplete information. Let us do the work for you!

Who Are We

Quick Vital Certificates was created to solve the hassle of ordering vital records from home.

With a multitude of health departments, never-ending forms, unclear instructions, and long waiting lines, we found that many people had trouble navigating the confusing process to obtain vital records.  We decided to provide professional assistance to help individuals request their birth, death, or marriage certificates safely and quickly.

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  • We are secure.
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